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How to Prepare for Your New Garage Door Installation

If you are looking for the steps that explain How to Prepare for Your New Garage Door Installation look no further than this article!

If you are looking for the steps that explain How to Prepare for Your New Garage Door Installation look no further than this article! So the day has finally arrived.. and it’s time to install your garage door.  How can you best prepare for your garage door and opener installation so that it goes smoothly? You can make the process much simpler for both you and your installation crew.  Here’s a short checklist that might help:

1) Move your vehicles

Installers will require unrestricted access to the garage. Please do not keep your vehicles in the garage. They can be on the street, or at the very least far enough from the driveway, to permit your installer to park their vehicle next to the garage opening. This will allow them to access your vehicle without causing any damage.

2) Clean Out the Clutter

However, this does not mean that your entire garage should be clean. You should make sure your vehicles are moved and that all equipment, tools, trash cans, bikes, or other items that might interfere with the installation process are removed or moved to the rear. This will give your installers enough room to work and protect your belongings from being damaged during installation. An average residential garage door should have one foot on each side and 14 feet back. To ensure that it doesn’t get damaged, you might also consider taking out anything of significant value.

3) Keep children and pets away from your work area

Please ensure your pets are safe during installation. Customers often allow their pets to roam during the installation. Both the installer and the pet can become seriously ill from this. The work area should be kept away from children. The installation crew must ensure that the area is safe for everyone involved. Items that are subject to spring tension, heavy objects, overhead items, hand and power tools, as well as items under spring tension, will need to be removed and installed.

4) Place the opener in a wall console or on keyless entry pads.

It will be easier to plan where you might need them before they are installed. An extension cord can easily reach the location where the opener is to be installed. The wall console should be located on the garage side, next to the garage door. The exterior keyless entry pad should be located right next to the entrance door. It is entirely up to you. These items should be removed from the wall. The area surrounding the wall must also be free of clutter so that the installers can do their job without any problems.

5) What questions would you like to ask the installers?

You should have most of your questions answered before installation. However, you may still have questions during the process. The installation will go faster and more smoothly if you have questions in advance.

At Ultra Garage Doors, we appreciate your efforts to make sure that the garage door installation went smoothly. These simple tips will make your installer and team very happy. We want you to have the best garage door experience possible. This includes choosing the right door, installing it, and enjoying it for many years.

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