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Garage Door Rust Prevention

Garage Door Repair in Coral Springs

You have just painted your garage door, or replaced it with a brand new one. You notice some rust on the door while passing by the garage. You are now wondering what the point was of spending so much money on a brand new garage door, or even a fresh coat of paint. You should know that salt can accelerate the rusting process of a garage door. There is no permanent way to prevent rust on metallic surfaces, as salt is found in many environments and water.  Here are some ways you can get a jump on garage door rust prevention

If your door does not have years of rust on it, you can still use it. Do not panic, but rather, try to determine the cause of the rust. No door, whether new or old is immune. You can slow down the rusting by painting the door and lubricating the joints. Rust can be a problem for many homeowners. It does not matter how long ago you installed your door or the age of the paint. The accumulation of rust, in particular, is more an environmental factor.

Causes of Garage Door Rust

There’s no getting around it….Environmental factors cause rust.

Salt is a major factor in rust and your environment can have a significant impact. Salt blown onto your garage door by the wind will cause it to rust if you live near an ocean. If you live in a cold climate, the ice that accumulates on your garage door can cause it to rust. Living in damp or humid areas can also cause rust to occur on garage doors.

A layer of orange pollen can build up on your garage doors in the spring. You should wash the door with water to see if pollen is the cause.

Door Quality

Metal quality is not as important as you may think. However, rust is an example of corrosion and oxygen is the cause. Iron and oxygen combine to form Iron oxide, which is the cause of garage door rust. Your garage door will rust faster if it is lighter and thinner. You cannot compromise on the quality of your door.

There is Too Much Dirt in the Joints

You will see your doors rusting faster than normal if you don’t clean them. The rust can be prevented by regularly oiling the joints, cleaning the door and servicing the mechanisms. You can hire us to clean your garage door if you don’t have the time or are away from home.

Ultra Garage Doors: The Smart Choice

Garage doors that rust are inevitable for reasons beyond our control. Regular maintenance of the door and its mechanism, as well as a regular cleaning of the door, will help prevent rust. Schedule regular cleanings of your garage to prevent rust from dirt in the joints and mechanisms. Ultra Garage Doors is the company to contact if you require any garage door services in South Florida.